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Video Production - Branding & Graphic Design - Photography & Social Imagery - Ideas & Consultation

Is a new kind of creative production partner

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about us

Valoog, more than anything, is a journey. It’s the merging path of two cousins who through different routes, arrived at the same point. We're on a mission to streamline, mobilise, and uncomplicate the production process. We want to keep our footprint shallow while our steps go far and wide. We haven’t decided exactly what we are yet, but you can classify us however you want. 


Video Production

Now more than ever, we believe video is essential, but it should also be accessible. Don’t have the budget or time for a full bespoke shoot? We’ll create something amazing by combining your brand assets with high quality stock footage, professional backing tracks and slick editing. Want to swing for the fences? We’ll pull out the stops with motion graphics, full 4k capture, drone footage, animation, and more. Anything in between? Let’s make it happen.

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Branding &

Graphic Design

From the Maccas’ golden arches to Nike’s iconic tick, the importance of a recognisable and attractive brand cannot be understated. Do you have a startup or side-hustle you need to take to the next level? Are you an established brand or business in need of a refresh? Valoog is fully Adobe CC Suite capable, with 3D animation  capabilities, and a keen eye for things that just look right.

Simple. Clean. Clear. Stills are still a staple for good reason, and no matter your industry or category, professional images are the gateway to being taken seriously, and ultimately, attracting customers. Valoog offers quality photography & imagery across a range of categories including fashion, music, events, real estate, venues and more. 

Photography & Social Imagery

Our Talent


Anything Else?

Need an idea for a campaign or event? A name for your new brand? Or a new set of eyes on a frustrating business problem? We can help. If there’s one thing we know, it’s turning creativity into reality.

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